Today, I am a hip teacher.

Today, I am a hip teacher.

My Starbucks name today is Andromeda.


Building Best Practice Conference 2013



RYC volunteered with the Building Best Practice Conference this week. As a gift for volunteering, they gave each volunteer a bag with great resources and goodies and also made us each name badges that say our names and RYC on them! It was a huge success!

Author’s Purpose

Author's Purpose

I made this anchor chart and PIE visual. Tomorrow for my reading lesson, we will be making these pie visuals, then using them to decide what the author’s purpose was in writing the story “What If You Had Animal Teeth?”

Classroom Library!

Classroom Library!

I have almost 300 books! Today I got 6 for one dollar from a yard sale! That green box is a TONNNNN of materials my Mommy used when she was teaching early childhood education when she first started. It has all of her certificates of training and awards in it. It’s awesome to see how my Mommy excelled in ECE and now I am on my way!

Classroom Library Update!

A while ago I posted a picture of a couple of books I had gotten from Goodwill for super cheap and how I was excited to get a start on my classroom library. Well, I have an update! In my final week of my first placement for Residency 1, my teacher sent me to the book fair to pick out about $30 worth of books. I got Pete the CatPout Pout FishThree Hens and a PeacockWhat If You Had Animal Teeth, and Secret Agent Splat. Great huh! She also got me a cute little pointer to teach with. I just love her!

So today, I was at the right place at the right time. I went to pick up a DVD of my most recent preschool lesson to do an assignment on. While I was there, I walked by a huge HUGE pile of books and asked what was going on with them. My incredible preschool mentor teacher told me those were just being thrown away and I could have of them I wanted!! 

I PICKED OUT 230 BOOKS!!!!!!!! She gave me books that she had multiple copies of, books that she just wanted me to have, and some books that were too tore up for her to deal with. All I have to do is tape a few up!

I am so thankful and excited that I have been blessed with this classroom library. I got some good books including The Very Hungry CaterpillarWhy Mosquitos Whisper in Your Ear, and some other classics. I AM SO EXCITED! I can’t wait to sort them and organize them and put them in a classroom one day! 


Here I sit, just having scarfed down a taco salad, sitting in the student union building, with a few minutes to spare to tend to my sad, abandoned blog about my teacher life. 

And that’s just it. My teacher life. The only life I have! 

This semester, I have part time student teaching, preschool practicum, and administering daycare perspectives. I’ve also been elected President of Raiders for Young Children. My mother has also been diagnosed with an invisible illness called POTS. I have also been married for one year. 

BUSYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I took my first two praxis tests over a month ago and have not heard back on my scores. !!! I have one in 12 days and need to study but WHEN!

Residency 1 (part time student teaching) is OWNING my life. I absolutely ADORE my first placement and this Thursday is my last day there 😦 I don’t want to leave, but I’m excited for my second placement. 

Preschool practicum is easy. It’s a breeze. It takes a little time but it’s not high on my priority list. My night class for administration isn’t either. 

Raiders for Young Children is awesome! I’ve organized so much already, but it’s so time consuming! 

Basically, my poor blog is being neglected. But I can’t help it. My teacher life is taking over. 


I don’t have time to blog. I don’t have to breathe! This semester is crazy! But, I did want to post a pic of what I got at Barnes and Noble today with a birthday gift card. Yay! Happy birthday to me! Now I will go back into my cave. Maybe one day I will be able to update this blog. 

Now, all I can tell you is, first grade classroom, preschool classroom, night class…lesson plans…assessments…fdjshfdjksfhkdsfhs